Jae Marie’s Journeys: Viva España

Since coming to Spain, our group has done soooo much.
We spent out first night in Madrid, taking the metro to Kapital, a seven floor club that stays open until about 6 in the morning. We only stayed until 4:30, but it was definitely an experience. Each floor plays different types of music, and it was completely packed in there.
The next day we explored more of Madrid, then drove to Toledo. There we went to more museums and went into the Cathedral. Then we drove to Granada to meet our host families. My host mother is so nice. She gives us so much food though. I feel bad about never finishing a meal, but it’s impossible. I’ve had to resort to scooping soup down the sink in the bathroom when she leaves the room.

Of course we have to attend classes, as it is the reason we are here. We have class from 10am-2pm with a break in between. Our two teachers Carmen and Lola are hilarious.

This weekend is Corups Christ. It’s a holiday so we don’t have class, which is well appreciated with all the late nights we have had lately. I literally woke up at 4pm today.

Anyway, we have Spanish correspondents that are going to take us to La Feria. A few of us went last night and it was insane. People everywhere. Great music. Great food. Someone even got us into one of the “parties” for free. Helps to have connections in Spain I guess.

I went shopping yesterday to buy a few clothes to go out in at night, and I was surprised to learn there is no extra tax on clothes, or pretty much anything here, unless it is already included in the price. I’m already running low on euros, so I need to find a bank ASAP.

Well that’s all for now, I still have about 3 weeks left here so there is sure to be more to come.

Don Quixote in Madrid

Flamenco in a cave

La Alhambra

Late night Crepes in Granada

Cathedral in Toledo


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