Jae Marie’s Journeys: Corpus Christi

Having no class during Corpus Christi was both a blessing and a curse. We got to go out and experience night life in Granada.

I have to say the Spanish know how to party. The fería was insanely fun. They don’t stop until around 6am. Everything about it is completely different than from the US. The party doesn’t start until around 1 or 2 am, which is when most American parties end. One night we ended up leaving at 6, getting food, and not getting home until 8AM, when our host mom was waking up.

It’s been a struggle getting to class this week, but we’re making it through. We only have 2 full weeks of class left before our final and we’re out of here.

This trip isn’t all about learning the language, but also the customs and the culture. This week, we toured the Cathedral, the Chapel, and will be touring the Albayzin, before we hit the road this weekend for Córdoba and Seville. We also attended a Granada futbol match, which I have to say was a pretty exciting 2-0 victory.

Beware the frozen yogurt. It’s good. Know your money. Know the exchange rate. Also be aware that people WILL stare. It WILL get annoying but just embrace it and chasse down the street. Many people here have allergies. If you do, BRING medicine from home. Even if you do not, you might want to consider bringing some medicine anyway. I was lucky enough to have my professor visit the pharmacy with me, but if I would have thought ahead, I wouldn’t have been put in the situation. Most importantly have some fun. It’s impossible here not to.






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