Jae Marie’s Journeys: A Tale of Two Cities – Córdoba y Sevilla

Last weekend, we went to Córdoba and Sevilla. We visited some Italian ruins, some more cathedrals, and a location one of the scenes from a Star Wars movie was filmed. We ate at an amazing Italian restaurant, and then went out to a few clubs afterwards. There was even a wedding in town that we thought about crashing. This upcoming weekend we’re off to Nerja to visit some caves and la playa. It’s supposed to be over 90 degrees, but I hope there’s some shade. In the meantime, I leave you with photos from this past week.

Bullfighting ring in Sevilla

I’m not entirely sure where this was (oops) but I’m pretty sure it was Sevilla

 View from 34 ramps and 17 steps up in Sevilla


 Sevilla Star Wars location


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