Jae Marie’s Journeys: The End? No!

I can’t believe we left a month ago!! We’ve done SOOO much. We’ve seen SOOO much. We’ve logged SOOOO many miles. Our trip has come to an end. But has did really?

The travel home was one of the most adventurous parts of the entire trip. We left Granada at 7am for our five hour bus trip to Madrid’s airport. From there, we flew for 2 hours to London Heathrow, but not before some complete confusion. We arrived about 4 hours before the flight boarded (being safe) and the airport had no idea what gate our flight would leave from. We found the general area, and sat waiting until the screen showed our gate.

Time got closer to departure as we found some food to eat, BUT all of  sudden, the flight changed to about an hour and a half delay. This delay would have made us miss our connecting flight back home. Then the time changed again. We decided it was best to find someone to ask what was going on BUT there was absolutely no one in sight. No workers. No other passengers. Just us.

Eventually it would only be a half an hour delay, giving us 15-30 minutes once the first plane landed to make the second. LUCKILY the flight attendant told us we had an extra hour because of the time change. We grabbed all of our bags and had plans to jump up and run to catch our next flight. BUT we arrived at a domestic gate, not international. More time was lost as they tried to decide what to do with us. We were taken on a bus to another part of the airport. Had we arrived in the original international terminal, we would not have had to endure what we endured next.

We had to re-go through security and take a train to our gate. We sprinted off of the train, through the airport, up escalators, and down to our gate just in time for last call. It was cool to be able to say we were breathing in London air, and I did get to see one of those red double decker buses from the plane’s window, but it was just so crazy and hectic that we had no time to breathe. If you saw a group of 10 college kids running in London Heathrow last week, it was us.

Overall, it was a great experience. We still keep in touch with the people who we met in Granada. Our group definitely left our mark on the city. The last couple of days we partied of course. If you were in Granada when we were, there’s a 99 percent chance you came across one of us. Poe, Paddy’s, Granada 10, and El Camborio were just some of the places we celebrated at. Hopefully we all have a reunion there next year.

I can’t wait for my junior year to study abroad again. I’m not too sure where yet, but definitely somewhere I would never go on my own. As of now I’m thinking Accra, Ghana, but I’m not sure still. I have time to figure it out.

Until next time….. Hasta Luego

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