Jae Marie’s Journeys: Welcome to the Toon

So… we’re here. It’s been a crazy long week, but I finally have some down time to update you with some pics and some of what else has been happening.

After a long day of traveling, we arrived in London, and flew up to Newcastle, where we were greeted by our on site director, and SNOW. We got on our buses to our flats, where we carried our bags up flights of steps, unpacked, and then I hit the bed. It wasn’t long before it was time to meet to go get our international phones (which still confuse me). After, we went to a group dinner at a place I don’t remember because I was freezing and exhausted. I probably should’ve slept on the plane, but the 3 movies I watched seemed more interesting at the time.

We sat through hours of orientation and registrations in preparation for tomorrow’s modules or classes to begin. I ended up having to change my schedule, but I can’t complain. 3 classes, converting back to 15 American credits is beautiful. Going through the syllabus, I laugh at the 3,000 word essay option they offer international students…I’ll just take the test buddy.

My schedule is as follows
Monday – No class!!
Tuesday – Journalism class 9-12, English 2-3
Wednesday – No class!!
Thursday – English 9-10, Celebrity Culture 12-2, English 2-3
Friday – Celebrity Culture – 11-12

I would join the gym and go on my days off, but with the amount of walking we do here, and the price, I think I might hit up my favourite department store Primark and buy a 6 pound hoodie and go running around campus instead.

Well, that’s all for week 1. Stay tuned for more!!!

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