Jae Marie’s Journeys: International Friends

Like I’ve quickly mentioned before, we’ve met a few locals. By a few, I mean every time we go somewhere. Our accents are apparently a rare thing around here, despite the fact that all of the TV here is American (very disappointing).

We’ve had people tell us they love us, that we are gorgeous, and Joyce even got proposed to. People love to hug us, and some creeps have asked us if we wanted to hang out with them the next day. We politely declined.

After much consideration, we have narrowed down our new “friendships” to be based on 3 factors. the first being that we are black. There are black people here, but not many. We also haven’t met any that don’t have our lovely foreign accents. I find myself asking people to repeat themselves multiple times to the point where i just smile and laugh. I should stop doing that before I somehow end up agreeing to something I shouldn’t.

The second is that we are young. Here, older people go out just as much as our generation does. We try to stay away from these places, but they’re usually free. We’ll step in for a few minutes to warm up, realise everyone is twice our age, and leave.

Third is that we really don’t care what people think, because we will be back home in 6 months. We have done the running man and cabbage patch more times in the past 3 weeks than in our entire lives combined. People love it and end up joining our dancing with their killer dance moves including the random jumping and bouncing up and down off beat, and my new favourite, the finger pointing in random directions.

Overall, the people here seem to be nice. While we aren’t sure if its because we stand out so much or if they are genuinely nice, we can’t complain. We can now say that we’ve met people from all over not just the UK, but even Africa, and Canada.

Until next time…

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