Jae Marie’s Journeys: Newscastle Nights

We like to try new restaurants and pubs once a week, so Wednesday was that night. We met a man who looked like the musician Pitbull. A few minutes of small talk later, he had taken the bartender (who sounded exactly like Niall from One Direction) up on a free beer that had a hair in it, and offered to pay for the dinners of about 20 people. 93 pounds, or about 140 dollars later, he cut his tab off. Shoutout to the Irish Pitbull for the free dinner.
As weird as that was, the strangeness continued when a random man in the pub called me a Caribbean queen and asked if I could watch his wine while he went out to smoke.
Thursday we hit up our favourite spot. Before we even got there, the weirdness started. The club promoter found us on the street and started dancing while singing Chris Brown’s Yo Excuse Me Miss at the top of his lungs. He escorted us in, giving us on guest list entry prices. Inside we ran into a few old friends.

We’re headed to Manchester this Saturday, and I can’t wait to see what this next adventure has in store.

Until next time…

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