Jae Marie’s Journey’s: Au Revoir Paris, Bonjour Montpellier

Tuesday March 17
French of the day: Oui: yes
It was time to say goodbye to Paris, and hello to Montpellier, a city a few hours south. Our group of about 40 people (all with suitcases) made it on to the metro during rush hour together, transferred trains, and then made it to our passenger train. We timed each station stop and discovered that we had 2 minutes to get everyone off or risk being a stowaway until the next stop… Which was Spain.
We played some pump up music and lined up, ready for the challenge. Through stressing and yelling and the guys on the trip literally throwing and catching our stacked suitcases, we all made it off in a minute and a half with all of our bags… Including a strangers… OOPS.
That aside, we made it off, celebrated, and provided entertainment for a few people on the train. Finally we made it to the warmer weather city for a quick tour and of course more shopping. The cashier tried to tell me I could get a discount if I purchased two more things but the whole language barrier, he just picked out two random accessories for me, and my total came out to about half of what my single original item would have been. Merci man, Merci.

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