Jae Marie’s Journeys: Barcelonaaa

We finally arrived in Barcelona after a quick hour and half plane ride. We found our hostel and were greeted by Peter, the Slovakian who speaks no Spanish except for Una cerveza mas por favor. Our first night in Barcelona we ended up in a restaurant where people watched us eat dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary for J and J.

The second day, we visited all of the main sites. First was Park Guell, a very important site for the Cheetah Girls 2.

Although we didn’t actually get to the mosaic seats because it cost 8 euros, we got to see it, along with this other place, also featured in the movie.

We visited the Magic Fountain which was off and not very magical, and a few other parks with hidden sites to see like this one.
We got churros and at La Sagrada Familia, (with an extra one thrown in for free) the Gothic Quarter,

a great cafe with this random pastry made by the gods.

After Paris, we were pros at the metro system, which easily allowed us to visit so many places in one day.

We met a man named “Jackie Chan” who gave us a discount on Spanish and Catalonian flags and a good laugh. On top of that, I found my Paella con pollo, so I was set.
Up until Tuesday, we hadn’t gone out, despite our extensive packing of going out clothes. Our hostel man, Peter, moonlights as a bar crawl promoter and invited us, along with some co-hostel people. It was an unforgettable night with new friends and boxes on bucket lists checked off.
We’re now off to Madrid to catch a connection to Rome!! The trip is starting off on a sour note, having hidden baggage fees at the airport, but we are determined to make the best out of a situation out of our control.
Until Rome…

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