Jae Marie’s Journeys: Paris, With Love

Spring break at Newcastle means a month long break from school. So our school has a week of French trips planned for us. First we stop in Paris, followed by Montpellier and Nice in the south  after, we are free to travel wherever we like for 3 weeks. These are my journeys. (Dan daaan – Law and Order sound).

Important movies set in Paris:

Rugrats in Paris, Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Passport to Paris
Saturday, March 14

French lesson of the day: je ne parle pas Français: I do not speak French
We started our month long journey in the wee hours of the morning. Our study abroad group was too large for the plane (which looked like a sports teams private plane), so we split into two groups and met up later. One girl lost her bag, and then cried and said she hates French people. Even though the school offers to buy her new clothes, she decided to be difficult and say she’s picky about her clothes and decided she would rather complain instead. Upon arrival to the hostel, we dropped off our bags at the lovely Saint Christopher hostel before we headed out to get crepes and ice cream, courtesy for our French speaking (thank god) director. We had all day to explore on our own afterwards, so my roommate and I set out on the metro to find the Eiffel Tower.

We met up with my roommate’s friend from high school, who showed us around and took us to the Love Lock Bridge and Norte Dame.

Back at our hostel at 6, our group (minus one girl) met up for cheese and wine tasting. After one bite of some strange cheese, I had enough of experimenting with “fromage”. As for the missing girl, she should never be left alone. She walked away from her group and wandered the French speaking streets of Paris with a dead phone. After extensive direction giving from the chaperones over the phone she finally charged somehow, she made it back. Then she lost her passport, which was really in her bag the entire time. It’s lovely how things always show up when someone else looks for you.
Sunday March 15
French lesson of the day: Fromage: cheese
We visited the Palace of Versailles. Honestly, it wasn’t amazing. Yes it is detailed and huge and very expensive, but all of the rooms were the same, with art all over the walls and tourists taking pictures of things they’ve never heard of. Regardless, I can say I’ve been to a place that’s in my textbook. After, we went to some art museum I don’t remember the name of, visited Roland Garros, the Arc de Triomphe (which took us forever to actually get to considering running across the 5 lane round about around it didn’t seem like a good idea) and attempted to go shopping down the famous Champ Élysées, the Fifth Avenue of Paris.

Being college students, we didn’t bye anything, but I can say I’ve been there. For dinner, we met up with my roommates French speaking friend and went to Moulin Rouge before getting crepes for dessert, and visiting the Eiffel Tower once again, this time at night, just in time for the hourly light show. After, we ran for the metro (that stops at midnight on Sundays), and made it back to our hostel exhausted, 11 miles walked that day.
Monday March 16
French of the day: Merci, au revoir, bonjour: thank you, bye, hello
We visited the Louvre. I had no idea what it was before we went in (with our fast passes muahahaha). I thought it was just a pointy building.
Inside, I took a selfie with my girl Mona. Other than that, I didn’t know the other pieces of artwork in there. After, we got free Macarons (my first),

and then set off to find my newest favorite place in Paris, Montmartre. It’s this really cool, artsy, old, area high up a crapload of steps. 
We stopped in a little shop and met the nicest old shop lady, who I have now adopted as my French grandmother. We continued on and found a band playing and dancing to some French music. 

Being the usual us, we decided to show off our dance moves in the middle of the street before we kept walking and found the viewpoint, looking down on the city. 

By now, (actually by the first day) Joyce and I were pros at finding our way around the city on the metro. Thank god for our unlimited daily metro passes.
Next stop: Montpellier

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