Jae Marie’s Journeys: Back in NYC

For my 23rd birthday, I found myself celebrating in Manhattan. Even though I have lived in New York my whole life, I’ve never done any of the touristy things. This was my chance.

First stop: The Cupping Room:

With so many places to explore in the city, it’s always hard to pick one, but this was definitely a great choice.

Up next was a quick trip up to Central Park:

I could literally spend ALL day in the park, just sitting, writing, enjoying a picnic, and making new friends. I can’t wait to one day go back and spend the ENTIRE day here being care-free.

We then headed to Long Island to visit a few friends, grab some drinks, and catch up on old times. How cute is this drink?!

After we said our goodbyes, we headed back to the city, and got ready for a night on the town. We headed out to Jimmy at The James New York.

Day 1 was great, but the rest of the weekend didn’t disappoint either. Stay tuned for more…

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