Stop, Breathe, Refresh

In a crazy, fast-paced industry, it’s easy to forget to stop, breathe and refresh. This week, I was invited to attend a a client’s mediation session at Innergy Meditation in South Beach, and it got me to think about making a lifestyle adjustment.

Think about it, you juggle multiple clients all day who all want to be at the center of your attention. You wake up with a game plan for the day, and by the time you reach the office, you have 3 missed calls, an SOS-call-me-right-now email and quite possibly a press conference you need to throw together in an hour. Because you’re a pro, you’ve handled it, but the day’s festivities have taken their toll on you.

Everyone is different. Whether it’s coffee or tea, a good book, a glass of wine or a candle-lit bath, there is something out there that will help you keep your cool. Consider finding some on-the-go things that work for you that you can quickly execute on your commute into the office or a meeting. Take a few deep breaths, sing your favorite song or recite an empowering quote.

Next time you find yourself overworked and ready to pull your hair out, just remember, as they say at Innergy, to breathe, chill and be still.

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