Jae Marie’s Journeys: Top Travel Tips

Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit? Now is the time time to go. Traveling can be expensive, but there are ways to see the world and save your pocket from taking such a hard hit.

Sky high on the low

Consider low cost carriers. It can be hard to pack light, but remember, you can rewear certain items. Tank tops and t-shirts are light, can go be mix-and-matched and when packed well, can take up minimal space. You can get multiple wears out of jeans. Travel sized toiletries are a must. Keep all of this in mind when you’re packing. This will allow you to pick lower fare tickets, as checking a bag will drive up your grand total.

Travel like a local

If you’re planning on seeing multiple attractions, consider getting a daily unlimited pass on the city’s public transportation. More than likely these places will have a close metro or bus stop as they often attract tourists. An unlimited pass will allow you to go far and wide without having to pay for each leg of the journey. Get a map and have a general idea of which lines you need to take and which direction you need to go in. City Mapper is an extremely helpful app for getting around cities across the globe. The metro is great for getting to the other side of the city, and the bus will allow you to see the sights on the way to your destination. You might even see something along the way that you’d like to stop and explore.

Go before you leave

Mom always said to go to the bathroom before you leave the house. This might sound silly, but take every chance you get to go to the bathroom. Some bathrooms require payment to use them. It can cost you up to two dollars or so, but why pay when you can go for free?

Search and shop

Tourist shops are all over. Before you purchase those keychains or shot glasses at the first shop you cross, step foot in a few. Chances are you can find a better deal or talk the seller down.

Study and save

Being a student has its perks when you travel. Make sure to pack your student ID with you to take advantage of the discounts. Two years out of school, I’m still reaping the benefits with my worn out student ID.

Group and go

Depending on how many people you’re traveling with, you could be eligible for a group discount. Always be sure to ask a representative in the booth if you can.

Bags on bags

Leave no food behind. You might be super full, but with all of the walking around you’ll be doing, chances are you’ll be hungry in no time. Don’t waste sight seeing time searching for food. Take the left over rolls from breakfast on the go with you in a doggy bag. It sounds funny, but when your stomach starts growling while you’re hiking in the park, you’ll be glad you did.

Jae Marie

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