Jae Marie’s Journeys: Itinerary Woes

You’ve finally arrived to your destination, but what are you going to do? What is there to see and explore? Plenty! But planning everything out can make your trip stress free.

Look and book

Google. That is all. Type in a phrase such as “Best things to do in XX” and you’ll get results from other travelers telling you where to go, why you should go, and places to avoid. Check out their photos to help you get a sense of where you’re going.

Like a local

If you’re more into the off the beaten path type of activities, my best advice would be to ask a local where to go. They spend their time getting to know every inch of the city or town, so who better to go to? Download a social app and match with people who are from the area. Check out community calendars and social media events as well.

Plan it out

If there’s a lot you’d like to see, I suggest mapping it all out. You don’t want to travel back and forth across the city to get to all of your desired attractions. Get a map and circle everywhere you want to go and figure out the best, most effective route for seeing it all. Parks and museums take the longest to get through, while murals or coffee shops can be a quick stop. Plan accordingly.

Free spirit

If you’re not into planning, go down the free spirit path and let the wind take you wherever it blows. You never know what you’ll come across when you have nowhere to be.

Until next time… Jae Marie

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