Jae Marie’s Journeys: The Big Easy

The travel doesn’t stop when I’m stateside. There are plenty of cities to explore across the country. A quick weekend trip is all you need to pack in the top sights during the day, and nightlife after the sun sets.

A late night flight in to New Orleans meant the first stop was Bourbon Street. With plenty of bars along the way, the party doesn’t stop until the sun is about to rise.

With beads flying, people taking off their clothes and yelling from the balconies, and live music inside and outside the bars, there is no shortage of entertainment.

After a quick “nap” it was time to explore in the daytime. We stopped at Cafe Beignet to try the city’s most famous pastries, walked down the French Quarter and joined the random parades that popped up multiple times per day.

A ghost tour explained the history behind the city’s haunted reputation.

And a stumble upon Louis Armstrong Park was a cultural trip.

A jam-packed 48 hours was all I needed to get the most out of New Orleans.

Until next time…

Jae Marie

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