Jae Marie’s Journeys: Back in London

Last stop on my European extravaganza: London.

When I studied abroad in Newcastle, a seven hour drive north of London, I made sure to take an extended weekend trip down. I fell in love. It reminded me of New York, but with accents. There were parks, shops, places to dine, pubs to stop and hop and always something going on.

This time around I wanted to see even more, but no stop in London is complete without the big stuff first, including Tower Bridge, the London Eye, a trip down the River Thames, Buckingham Palace and Camden Market on a Sunday. I highly recommend stopping by to get all of your shopping done, and trying a few bites from a few of the vendors. They have everything from Roti to Mexican to a traditional burger and fries. Don’t be afraid to grab an Oyster card and hop on the metro or bus!

Driving on the opposite side of the street is always fun, but one adventure I’m not willing to take is the full English breakfast. Complete with beans, eggs and more, I think it’s one road I can’t go down.

Ever time I visit London, I love it more and more. If I ever do make the move permanent down the line, I’ll be sure to avoid the local vintage apparel.

Until next time…

Jae Marie

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