Workout Woes

I, like many people, have been looking for a new and exciting workout routine. A $10 per month membership is great, but running on an elliptical for half an hour every day is repetitive and not challenging. I don’t need abs, but if I’m going to spend my time working on my fitness, I want it to count.

I tried trials at other gyms with classes, bootcamps and kickboxing…twice. Something about punching and kicking the air at fast rates was not for me. Bootcamp was a serious failure that left me with more than your average soreness for over a week. Packing in crazy high repetitions of various toning workouts was also not what I was looking for. I finally decided to take CycleBar up on it’s free first class offer.

After joining a local dance team – which I will get to in a few posts – I knew it was time to up my workout to get ready for football season.

For anyone that hasn’t been to CycleBar, it’s not your average spin class. First off, the lights go off, the music goes up and the light show is unexpected. They even call the classroom the “theater.”

I’ve been to a few classes, and each one is different. From the music theme to the instructor, no two are the same, so if you plan on going, don’t count it out after your first one! Find an instructor that pushes you to do YOUR best and as they say, rock your ride.

Until next time…


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