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It has officially been three months since I made the move back to New York, and I have to say it has been an adventure. I’ve been all over Manhattan visiting new places, meeting new people and taking advantage of a great happy hour on every corner. 

This week was no different except I hit the quarter life mark. With my birthday falling on a Wednesday, I had two weekends to celebrate. It started off with a trip to Boston to explore New England for the weekend. We stayed right next to TD Garden, took a stroll down the Charles River Esplanade and dined at Eastern Standard before heading out to experience Bean Town’s nightlife. 

Back in NYC on my actual born day, the first stop was work, where my coworkers arranged for a visit from my favorite celebrity, Justin Timberlake, or at least paper cut outs of him all over my desk. My parents also sent a fall floral arrangement, the perfect centerpiece vase for my upcoming Thanksgiving dinner party. Later that day, my coworkers took me out for drinks, bites and a surprise lava cake at Ivy. 

Fast forward to the weekend to close out the celebrations, I headed out to The Delancey for some rooftop drinks before heading over The DL for some more. Of course, when you pass butterfly wings, you have to stop to take pictures, and when there is a photographer in the group, things get real artsy. 

I am thankful to have people in my life who spend their time, money and effort in making me feel loved and welcoming this huge life milestone. Here’s to 25 more and then some!


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