Holiday Help: New Year, No Plans

Are you finding yourself without plans for New Year’s Eve this year? In the words of Michael Jackson, you are not alone. The celebration is still a few days away, so here’s a list of ideas for those who are a little behind in the planning department.


Watch the ball drop

Don’t be ashamed to just hang out at home. Grab your blanket, cat, a glass of champagne, and turn on the TV. Flip back and forth between all of the ball dropping coverage across each time zone. Social media will be a great place to check out people all over the world ringing in the new year. If you’re in New York, head out to Times Square super early to grab a spot to watch it all happen in person. It’ll be a cold and long day, but you’ll always remember it.


Hold your own party

You aren’t the only one out there without plans. Many people wing it on New Year’s, so if you’re open to making an invite list, do so ASAP. Check out Pinterest for DIY decorations, snack ideas, cute party favors and outfit ideas.



Celebrities always hold New Year’s Eve parties and concerts. Your bank account might take a hit, but you’ll be able to say you spent the last few hours of the decade with your favorite celeb.


Head to the beach

If you live in the tropics, you can be sure that people will be gathering on the shore to toast to the new year. If you live more inland and are feeling adventurous, take a road trip to warmer weather. Fireworks will fly high as 2020 arrives.


Take a last minute getaway

Piggybacking off of the road trip idea, ring in the new year in a place you’ve always wanted to go. Airlines are offering deals to customers to get some last minute sales for the year. This could be the time to take that trip you’ve had on your vision board for the past three years.


Bar hop

Sometimes the best memories involve people we don’t even know. While there might be a cover charge, bars will be crowded with people drinking in 2020. Late night happy hours, live local performers and midnight cheers are sure to happen. You might even meet someone special. Now THAT would make for a great “how did you two meet?” story.

Don’t freak out just yet. You still have a few days to figure out how you’re leaving 2019 behind. Whatever you do, stay safe, have fun and get those resolutions written down (and finish last years!!). If you’re brave enough, share them below.


Until next year…

-Jae Marie

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