Your Guide to a Game Day Touchdown

The teams are set, the halftime performance is booked and the commercials are on their way. It’s that time of year… the big game, and you’re looking to throw a party of your own. You might want to consider a few tips before kickoff to make sure your party, well, kicks off.

What’s cooking?

You can always order sandwiches, wings and a veggie platter from the super market, but it’s all about presentation. You don’t have to be as ambitious as to build a food stadium, but small football themed snacks are always appreciated, and make for great photos for the gram. If you’re going to order from a store, do so NOW! Always make sure you have options for your gluten free and vegan friends!

TIP: Don’t be a hero. If a friend offers to bring food, drinks or even ice let them. More is always better at functions like these. Don’t prep at the 11th hour, or you’ll be running back and forth to the store for last-minute items! If you are missing something, ask a friend who struggles with punctuality to make a stop on the way over.

Score big

There are two types of people. Those who are into the game, and those there for halftime, the commercials and the food. Make sure you have an area around the TV for the die hard fans, but also an area to keep those who are uninterested entertained. You don’t want to cause tension because someone was talking loudly over the game-changing touchdown before halftime.

Get in the zone

Get everyone in game-day mode. Have themed cups, napkins and plates. If your team is playing in the big game, incorporate their colors into your selections. Body paint can get messy, and is not recommended for those with cloth couches, but eye black and face tattoos are just as fun without the cleanup.

Make some memories

You’ll want to remember all of your hard work. Consider creating a custom geotag on Snapchat for the big night. Take candid photos of everyone enjoying themselves. While they might not at the time, people will appreciate all that you did to make the night one to remember.


Remember, the game is supposed to be fun. Don’t stress! As long as people are surrounded by good company, you’ll be sure to score a touchdown.

Please remind everyone to drink responsibly!


See you after the game…

– Jae Marie

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