Top 10 Hits: 10 MORE Love Songs We Love

Alright, so I couldn’t pick just 10 songs yesterday, but you don’t have to limit your love to just one day. As promised, here are 10 more love songs to love.

Love Me Harder – Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd

Every relationship has its own guidelines.

Favorite lyric: “I know your motives and you know mine. The ones that love me, I tend to leave behind.”

Stickwitu – Pussycat Dolls

Find you someone who treats you right.

Favorite lyric: “You know how to appreciate me. I’ma stickwitu my baby. Nobody ever made me feel this way. I’ma stickwitu.

Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

You’ll go through a lot if you stay together til you’re gray and old.

Favorite lyric: “We danced the night away. We drank too much. I held your hair back when you were throwing up.”


This I Promise You – N*Sync

Hard toss up between this one and “That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You,” so listen to both.

Favorite lyric: “This is a battle we’ve won. And with this vow forever has now begun.”

Lost Without You – Robin Thicke

Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by their man while playing the guitar?

Favorite lyric: “Tell me how you love me more and how you think I’m sexy babe. That you don’t want nobody else. You don’t want this guy, you don’t want that guy.”

Like You – Ciara and Bow Wow

Another hard toss up for songs between this one, “Shortie Like Mine” and “Let Me Hold You,” so go listen to all of them.

Favorite lyric: “And every time I think about you I smile. When you ride, when you call, when you come I ride. Your love is amazing to me. I can’t wait til I see you. I wanna be with you again.”

Luther Vandross – Never Too Much

Don’t wait for summer cookouts to hear this one.

Favorite lyric: “Who needs to go to work to hustle for another dollar? I’d rather be with you cuz you make my heart scream and holler.”

Hello Beautiful – Jonas Brothers

Sometimes it’s the small things that make us go weak.

Lyrics: “I could go across the world and see everything, and never be satisfied if I couldn’t see those eyes.”

Ride for You – Danity Kane

Things aren’t always smooth sailing. Danity Kane is there for you.

Favorite lyric: “Baby you gotta believe in the things that make you and me win together. Don’t you throw in the towel. I’m keeping my promise to you. I got your back now.”

T-Shirt – Shontelle

A simple t-shirt can help bridge the long distance.

Favorite lyric: “Nothing feels right when I’m not with you. Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos. Taking them off cuz I feel a fool.”


Lost in Japan – Shawn Mendes

Who wouldn’t want to have an international adventure?

Favorite lyric: “Do you got plans tonight? I’m a couple hundred miles from Japan and I was thinking I could fly to your hotel tonight.”

Do you have a favorite love song that you love? Drop them below.

Until next time…

-Jae Marie


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