Jae Marie’s Journeys: Fun in the Sun

This winter, I escaped the below freezing temperatures of the city and packed my bags for a tropical escape to Saint Thomas. 

The trip there was an adventure in itself with all types of wild delays, but I made it just in time to explore the nightlife the island has to offer. 

I met up with my college roommates who took on the daring task of renting a car to get us around, driving the island’s sharp turns and drop offs and on the other side of the road. 

The first day, we headed to the beach for a day of fun in the sun, ordering tropical drinks and bites, making new friends and losing the house key for about an hour before realizing we had it the whole time.


The next day, we decided to island hop to Saint John. We took the ferry (and the car) and headed out to explore, driving across the entire island and stopping at Hansen Bay. We had heard of a restaurant in the middle of the water – literally – that served tacos and we were all in.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 9.05.40 PM

After renting a three person kayak, we rowed ourselves out about 500 feet, which seems like nothing when you’re driving, but when it’s windy, the restaurant is a free-floating boat and you’ve never kayaked, the journey seems never ending. But the tacos were great and we made new human friends and aquatic ones. 


That’s just half of our adventure. The rest involves jet skis and turtles. Stay tuned for more.

Until next time…

-Jae Marie

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