Work From Home 101

Ok, so life has clearly changed since the last time we spoke. Many of us have transitioned from office life to work from home. While I’m new to the WFH game, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks so far.


Set a Space

Not leaving bed sounds marvelous, but it’s really a nightmare in the long run. Set up a designated space where you can work and be productive. Find a coffee table or a desk, or even set up shop next to the window so you can let natural light inspire you. If you work from your bed, your posture will take a hit, and you’ll have a rough time going to bed at night. Keep work and personal life separate.


Snack Attack

Having the kitchen a few feet away is not something I’m used to, even working at a food and beverage public relations agency. With the cabinets and fridge stocked, I can literally make whatever I want, whenever I want. It’s super dangerous. In just a few days, I’ve consumed more carbs than I have all year (serious, but mostly because I cut out carbs for a while) and a sleeve of cookie dough. Just because you can make cookies for breakfast, doesn’t mean you should.

I’m not a morning person, so lunch is typically my first meal of the day. Working from home and having access to toast, bagels and waffles has been a delicious struggle. I’ve learned to stick to a schedule. Continue to meal prep. It’ll save you time and keep you on track.


Work it Out

Work from home doesn’t mean just your job. Find a way to workout at home. Even if its just a few jumping jacks, lunges, high knees or some stretching, find what works for you. While we don’t know how long it’ll be until life returns to normal, we can definitely make an effort to continue our routines. Plenty of places are offering at-home workouts and classes. From Diva Dance streaming live classes to even just your favorite fitness influencer’s stories or YouTube videos, start an ab workout or grab a can of non-perishables and get to lifting.


Hygiene. Enough Said

Self care is important, especially now. How you feel physically can impact how you feel mentally and spiritually. You might not be leaving the house, but please remember to shower. Wash your hair, put on a face mask and change your clothes. Do what makes you feel like you. It’s easy to forget about appearance, but even the basics can keep you feeling your best.


9 to 5

You might be working from home, but that doesn’t mean work 24/7. Work your normal hours. There will always be work to do, so clock out when you’re supposed to. Turn on a movie, have an a virtual happy hour with your friends and keep the work-life balance going.


Hopefully this set up won’t last too long, but it’s needed to keep us all safe!


Until next time…

-Jae Marie

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