No Gym? No Problem

The first thing I like to do when I wake up is get my workout in. Not because I love working out, but because it’s a task I know I need to do and want to get out of the way. After working out, I have the whole day to myself to do whatever I want or go wherever I want, and don’t have to have it weighing on mind all day.

Being at home, I’ll admit I’ve fallen off of the working out wagon. BUT, I’ve been back on it, using YouTube fitness influencers as my coaches. From abs to legs and booty, here are a few of my favorite routines I’ve been following.


If you’re like me and have neighbors and squeaky floors, you (hopefully) feel bad about making a lot of noise. BUT cardio is still important, especially if you aren’t moving as much as you used to. Pamela Reif (queen of abs, hair and makeup, AND coordinated gym outfits) has this silent cardio solution for you. Check it out.


If you have another 10 minutes, try one of her toning videos. I HATE planking, so I usually end this one with a set of crunches instead. Remember to squeeze your abs!

Lower Body

Don’t forget about your legs and booty. Alexis Ren takes you through 10 minutes of lower body burning.


You will for sure be sore in the morning, so be sure to stretch after. Remember, just 10 minutes every day can leave you feeling good. While these stars are fit and used to doing these reps, don’t feel discouraged if you can’t keep up. I try my best, but always modify or take a break if I don’t feel comfortable, and always remember to tell myself it’s not supposed to be easy in the beginning.

Until next time,

-Jae Marie

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