Design a Date Night

Just because you’re staying at home, doesn’t mean you can’t keep the spark alive for date night. Here are a few things you and your other half can do to have your own romantic night at home.

What’s on the menu?

Design a multi-course menu for the night. It can be as simple as bagel bite appetizers, described as flatbread rounds topped in a marinara sauce with mozzarella shavings, or get wild with fried calamari. No one knows your relationship like you do, so cater (no pun intended) it to fit what’s best.



Make it Fun

Often, cooking dinner or doing the dishes is a chore. Make it fun and do it together. One person take on cutting the veggies and one fire up the stove and start grilling the chicken.


Get the drinks flowing and the tunes bumping (not too loud if you have thin walls and close neighbors). If you have a special song or something that brings back memories, make sure to play it. Don’t be afraid to belåt out your best notes and serenade each other. Throw in a little two step if you’re feeling fancy.



Disconnect to Connect

Leave the phones in the other room. Focus on each other. We might be spending more time inside, but are we really spending more time together? Find out what’s new, how they’re feeling, and lend an ear. You might discover something about each other.


Find your Inner Picasso

Paint and sip studios might be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own at-home creations to life. Find a picture online you’d like to paint together, paint pictures of each other, or find a paint by number set. Sign it, date it, frame it and add it to the wall.



Just the Two of You

If your region allows, consider a quick trip outside for some fresh air. The weather is getting warmer, and it’ll do you good. Be sure to bring your mask and wash your hands and take off your shoes when you get back inside.

Miles Apart

If you’re in a long distance relationship, you can still use today’s technology like FaceTime, Zoom or phone call, to have a virtual night together. Cook, catch up on what’s going on, or even surprise the one you love (or like a lot) with a surprise food delivery straight to their door.

No matter how you do date night, just remember, it’s about spending time with someone you care about.


Until next time…

-Jae Marie

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