Out and About: Essentials you don’t want to forget

Summer is officially here. Flying is down, but not out of the question with the right protection. Even still, your next adventure is around the corner. Every time I head out for the afternoon, I make sure to pack these items. Next time you pack your bag to head out for an afternoon or even a weekend, you will want to be sure you have these in your bag.


Summer = heat = sweat. Hydrate! Public water fountains might be shut off or out of service to help prevent the spread of germs these days, so make sure to BYOW.


Hand sanitizer has always been a given, but with everything that is going on this should be at the top of any list. Be sure to refill travel sized bottles and wipes for when you eat, sit, or just feel dirty.


With all of the extra hand washing you’re doing, do your hands feel cracked and dry? I’ve always use a dab of lotion to keep them soft and moisturized.


It’s summer. This should be another given. Yes, the sun’s rays might feel nice, but think about the last sunburn you got and how much you regretted it. You’ll still tan, but sunscreen will help cut back on the harmful part you don’t want. I never leave home without my sunglasses either, and if you have a hat, that can keep you protected, too!


Extra Charger

How could you forget? Once a staple item for long time periods away from an outlet, it’s pretty easy to forget to grab your portable charger given we’ve been at home these last few months. I bring my portable charging case everywhere. Make sure it’s charged, too!


If you’re hitting the road, pack up the cooler with snacks. Something in bulk and individually wrapped is ideal for preventing the spread of germs and limiting the amount of times you need to stop and interact with other people when someone gets hungry. Those variety chip packs from your childhood are calling your name, aren’t they?



Yes, your phone has a camera on it, but don’t forget your instant camera (and film) for some extra creative photography. I just got mine and love taking time lapse videos of the pics developing.

Instant Camera

Towel and Clothes

A towel for the beach or park is a given. I personally like to use an old bed sheet. They’re bigger and you don’t have to worry about being cramped up, especially if you’re sharing with more than one person. They’re also cooler than sitting on a cloth towel. Once you shake the sand or dirt off to get in the car, you might still be wet from the ocean, or sweaty from being in the sun all day. A quick roll of deodorant, a change of clothes, (especially if you aren’t going straight home) or an extra towel can keep the seats from becoming a mess.


The Rules

Not a tangible item, but if you are heading out, make sure you know the rules of wherever you’re going. While beaches and parks might be open, they have strict guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone. Can you bering umbrellas? What about coolers? Most places require a mask, and “I forgot one” won’t help you when the manager points to the “No mask, no service” sign.


What else do you have on your checklist?


Until next time…

-Jae Marie


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