All Aboard! An Afternoon on the Water

Summer didn’t quite go as planned, but I’m glad to say I still had a great time with what I was able to experience. Cali, Puerto Rico and Mexico were cancelled, but my parents do live in Florida, so I was able to get in a quick tropical escape and saved on hotel and flights, plus living on an island is a perk, even if it is home to more than a million other people! Here’s a look back my afternoon on the water.

I had never been on a yacht before, so we chartered a boat for the afternoon. A quick, empty road drive down to the port and we were aboard Captain Derick’s sail boat taking on the seven seas. Well, the Atlantic Coast.


It took a while to get used to not being on steady land, but the rain held off and the sun came out, so I had to take advantage of the bathing suits I had purchased for my cancelled trips.


We had a nice lunch, waved at others enjoying their day on the water and saw some huge waterfront properties that belong to the elite. Of course I brought along my instant camera, because if you don’t take a picture of a polaroid, did it really happen?

Yacht Polaroid

Until next time… (on land)

– Jae Marie

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