Workout Wednesday: Week 1

While the freshman 15 didn’t impact me in college, the Quarantine 15 has taken its toll. This December, I decided to get it together and embark on a fitness challenge, taking advantage of my parents’ Peloton subscription while I was home for the holidays.

I started cycling back when I lived in South Florida at CycleBar before moving back to New York. As someone who hates running, both on a treadmill and on a track or road, cycling was a great way to sweat, listen to good music and get a workout in at the same time. Since moving to New York, I have joined a gym, and love the stair climber, but with COVID, haven’t stepped foot in the gym since March, despite it reopening.

If you don’t know, Peloton has monthly challenges, including one that rewards you for days worked out, one for miles cycled, and just recently, the platform launched a Bike Bootcamp challenge. The further you go or the more you do, the more badges you earn. I started getting familiar with Peloton classes and instructors halfway through November and hit December with a fresh start.

Week 1, I found myself on a 7 day streak, earning two bronze level achievements for 5+ days working out and 50+ miles in December, as well as 1/4 Bike Bootcamps complete. The Bike Bootcamp combines cycling with full body workout circuits and after day 1, I was feeling it for sure, but also feeling accomplished.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how my challenge goes. I am looking to lose about 7 pounds through better eating, more veggies and fruit, less happy hours and more physical fitness, but also just to feel renewed would be a win too.

Until next time…

– Jae Marie

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