Workout Wednesday: Week 4

We have finally reached week four of my December workout challenge! If you missed week 3, you can catch up on it here, but if you’re all caught up, please join me in celebrating.

With the holidays here, I was able to get in extra workouts, hitting 2 or sometimes even 3 classes per day. The bootcamps really make sure you are working your full body, with strength, which I never do, and core on top of the cardio. I’ve found myself dripping in sweat, which is good, and breaking previous personal records.

So here’s the final verdict. I can definitely see muscle in my legs forming. I’ll be heading back to NYC soon, so that will subside without the bike, but I’ll find a way to keep up the work. My clothes are fitting better, but not how they did pre-pandemic, which is ok! Baby steps. I know I need to make sure to stretch after workouts. I would wake up sore from the day before and not in the mood to get the new day’s workout in, but still made sure to jump on the bike to keep going.

Going into 2021, I’ll need to find and adopt a workout that is NYC apartment-friendly and winter-friendly. I do still have my gym membership, but it could be a while before I return there. It’s been a wild month, but one that paid off, setting me on the right path to continue with good habits.

Until next time…

– Jae Marie

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