Holiday Help: A Valentine’s Day to Remember

February 14th is almost here. That means wining and dining the one you love, whether someone else or yourself. This year, a romantic day at home will be on the itinerary for many, and with the holiday falling on a weekend this year, you can make it a weekend to remember.

A Trip for Two

Are you in need of a weekend getaway? Pack your bags and hit the road. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far. A staycation to explore your own backyard can be just what you need. While the destination is the highlight, don’t forget that the journey there is a part of the fun. Create a playlist of songs that bring back memories and load up on snacks to share.

Two Chefs in the Kitchen

You have to eat dinner, so why not cook it together. Create a fun menu, print it out and set the table. Someone chop up the veggies and someone start measuring the sugar for a sweet dessert like mini apple pies.

Rom-Com Marathon

It’s the perfect day for back-to-back rom-coms. “Valentine’s Day” is an obvious choice that comes to mind, but so is “Love & Basketball”, “To All the Boys”, “The Proposal”… the possibilities are endless. Can’t decide what to watch? Put a few titles in a hat and let a random selection choose for you.

The Thought That Counts

An extravagant gift isn’t always needed. More times than not, it’s the effort and creativity that went into the giving process. I always love a good scrapbook with memories to look back on together. Story time always comes up, remembering laughs, tears and reflecting on where the future will bring you. Here are some DIY ideas to spark some inspiration.

Self Love

Spending Valentine’s Day alone doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Have a day of self care. Bake cookies, make yourself breakfast in bed with homemade or ordered-in mimosas. Run the tub and fill it with suds. Light some candles and play some tunes to relax the day away.

Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is about love. Call up your friends and make reservations for brunch. Exchange gifts and make a day out of it, shopping, pampering and enjoying each other’s company.

Remember, it’s about the experience together. Design an at-home date, from a paint-and-sip to a picnic in the park or anything that really speaks to what you’ve built together to make the day, holiday or not, special.

Until next time…

– Jae Marie

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