Jae Marie’s Journeys: Island Vibes

Traveling during a global pandemic is not something I ever thought I would say, but it is something I can now say I have done. This year, I packed my bags and hit the sky to head to Puerto Rico for a quick weekend getaway to Puerto Rico.

For anyone that hasn’t traveled since March 2020, I’ll fill you in quickly. At the time, to go to Puerto Rico, you needed a negative COVID test to exit the airport. There is a checkpoint that will check your test results at the door, so be sure to upload prior to landing to avoid delays. You’ll receive a bar code and daily texts to monitor your symptoms. COVID aside, the airport was packed with travelers, not like during the height of the pandemic.

While there, we stayed at Condado Lagoon Villas in Viejo San Juan, with friendly and helpful staff, great food and amazing views. The first night, we headed out to Raices for some classic monfongo and drinks before finding an outdoor patio with piña coladas in coconuts (more to come on these). The night ended trying to find a cab back to our hotel with just a few minutes to spare before curfew.

The next day was beach day. We started off at brunch before heading out to get, you guessed it, piña coladas on the beach! We stayed a few hours through sunset to catch golden hour. While we didn’t hit the rain forest this time, we did make new friends, see the island, and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Puerto Rico is considered a U.S. territory so as long as your destination does not require a COVID test to enter, you won’t need one to leave the island, but there is always risk when traveling during a global pandemic. Be sure to wear your mask, sanitize your room and take proper precautions according to the CDC and your doctors. At the same time, be sure to have fun, because you deserve it!

Until next time…

– Jae Marie

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