Jae’s Faves: Beauty Guide

I’m not the biggest beauty guru, but I do have a few regimens. Growing up, Sunday evenings were my family’s day for self-care. Hair washing, a long bath if you so chose, anything to get ready for the upcoming week. Over the years, I’ve kept that Sunday routine, but have evolved it to include some new products that are my favorite.

Skin Care

Every time I tell people this, they are mortified, but my face cleanser and moisturizer secret has been in my family literally for generations. It worked for my grandmother, my mother and now for me. We use rubbing alcohol and petroleum jelly. Every day, I take a makeup wipe to my face first to remove any makeup, then pour on the rubbing alcohol to finish it off. My mother uses a washcloth instead of wipes. If I am in the shower, I will use a face wash with exfoliating beads to help me wakeup in the morning or if I come back from the gym feeling extra grimy.

Shower Essentials

This has quick become one of my favorites! Every once in a while I will stock up on new Victoria’s Secret scents and this Honey Scrub is by far one of my favorites. It also comes in a mist, a lotion, a mask, a oil and a gel. I use it in the shower after shaving for that extra smooth feeling.

Foot Care

The warm weather is almost here. That means open toed shoes. Even when it’s the colder weather months, I love going for pedicures and keeping my feet at the top of their game. With the pandemic, these were few and far between, so I invested in a foot scrub that I like to incorporate into my weekly Sunday care routine.

Nail Care

I rarely ever do my nails because I always seem to chip them before even leaving the salon. When I do, it’s usually for my birthday or a big vacation. I used to be a big fan of gel, but then had a bad go where it left my nails weak, slow growing and peeling for about four months. Now that I’ve made the switch to regular polish jobs, I always keep cotton balls on hand. They’re perfect for easily removing polish when nails get chipped.

What are some of your beauty essentials?

Until next time…

– Jae Marie


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