Jae’s Faves: Cleaning Essentials

Living in NYC, I’ve always been very careful about my cleaning regimen. The thought of bringing whatever unmentionables from the subway, bus and grocery store into my sanctuary hit hard now that I live on my own. I never wear shoes in the house, shower immediately upon coming home and NEVER get in bed without showering or with outside clothes on, not that I did before. Call me crazy, but but call me clean. I was ready for the pandemic with a pantry full of cleaning supplies and a routine already in place. In addition to cleaning for germ purposes, I love a fresh smell. No, this is not an ad, but an actual list of my favorite products to have on hand.

For the Clothes

I grew up with a luxury I didn’t know was a luxury – every day access to a washer and dryer! Not having a laundry machine in my apartment unit means going a few weeks between washes. Riding the subway to and from basically everywhere, I always used Lysol on my clothes, shoes and bags upon entering the house. I have an area right by the door where I leave a can. It was difficult to find actual Lysol in 2020, and bleach wasn’t an option on clothes. I found Antibacterial Fabric Spray by Tide, and it’s become a lifesaver. Not sure how it does against viruses, but it does leave my clothes and bedding smelling fresh and gives me a little more peace of mind.

For the Bathroom

I have ALWAYS loved the smell of that classic Lemon Pine-Sol. I use it in the toilet after using my Clorex Toilet Wand and let it sit and fill the air with lemony goodness. I splash some in the shower after wiping that down with Scrubbing Bubbles Grime Fighter and sometimes pour it on paper towel to wipe the floors with. I once made my own at-home diffuser using it as the base, but don’t recommend it. The sticks got this weird moldy residue and didn’t really make the room smell any better, but it was a great idea at the time!

For the Living Room

I love to light a candle and turn on my string lights in the evening. Surprisingly, it was hard to find a candle that actually filled the room and had a nice scent to it. I went through about six candles before I found one I love. After cleaning with music blasting, I finish it off with my Chesapeake Bay Jasmine Boutique. I knew one Jasmine couldn’t let another Jasmin down.

For the Carpet

I love my rug, but it catches EVERYTHING in it. It’s a big longer-haired, so I am constantly picking out lint, hair and other random things out of it. I got a small little Black and Decker hand vacuum that is perfect on hardwood floors as well and is easy to charge up to take around the apartment for a cordless clean up.

For the Kitchen Sink

I don’t know what it is about my kitchen sink but it always has a slimy feel to it. Growing up, I never knew what Comet did, but I knew you sprinkled it, left it for a while, and came back to wash it down. It works wonders on the slimy sink stopper, the sink itself, and even on the shower mat. Who knew?

For the Floors

I HATE mopping, but with hardwood floors, a bit of moisture is the easiest way, I’ve found, to clean them up. I used to use disinfectant wipes, but with 2020, those were hard to find as well. I started using a mix of water with just a touch of bleach and paper towels to get the job done for a few months. Make sure to open the window and when in doubt, add more water to the mixture so you don’t ruin the floors. Now that we’re starting to return to normal a bit, it’s easier to find those wipes, and I have to say they work wonders in catching hair, food and overall dirt with easy clean up. Just lay one on the floor for each foot and slide around like you’re on roller-skates. It sounds wild, but trust me.

What are some of your favorite cleaning supplies?

Until next time…

– Jae Marie

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