Lookbook: Summer Suits

Summer is basically here, which means one thing: BEACH DAYS! I love a cute bathing suit and of course, a photoshoot on the water or in the sand. I recently took a quick trip to visit my parents in Fort Lauderdale, and while there, took advantage of living on the coast to bring you this summer suit cookbook.

Beachy Blues

This two piece with cover up is perfect for a little extra lace up flair. Maybe it was just me, but it did take a an extra set of hands to hold it in place while I tied it up.

Flower Power

This floral two piece didn’t come with a cover up, but it is different from your average bikini. It comes as a bandeau, with off-the-shoulder sleeve cuffs to help hold it in place and give it a little something extra.

A Wonder in White

This has to be my favorite look. The bathing suit did not come together, but did match very well. The bikini is a typical cut with gold chains to accentuate the ties on the side, neck and back. Like with the floral piece above, the white cover up comes with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a flowy skirt with front slit.

Back in Black

This one made its first debut in Puerto Rico. Like the white cover up, it comes with a blowy black skirt with an open slit in the front. It is embellished with a gold buckle in the front, and comes with a plain black bikini underneath.

Seashells by the Sea Shore

This one made its first debut back in Miami. It’s a bold orange bikini with charms on all of the ties n the top and bottom. I paired it with a cover up from my mother’s closet that gave me Jennifer Lopez Versace dress vibes.

What is your favorite beach look?

Until next time…

– Jae Marie

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