What’s Up Next? This Week’s Watch List 6

It has been a while since I did a watch list, mostly because I’ve been busy watching TV. There have been a ton of new shows and movies hit the screen since, so let’s dive into what I’ve been watching!

On My Block

Follow a group of high school kids getting into messy situations, navigating their adolescent years and growing up fast on dangerous LA streets. It’s a comedy with your typical teenage relationship problems. Head over to Netflix to binge.

Sex and the City

I might be a little late to the game, but living in NYC when you can’t go out and live the city life sparked the idea that I should tune in to see what Carrie and the gang are up to. In a way, I feel like I can low-key relate to all of them. Carrie seeks adventure around the city in every episode, Samantha is a publicist, Miranda being in a profession no one understands unless they’re in it, and Charlotte is the creative one always venturing into something new. Check it out on HBO Max.

Love Life

Also on HBO Max is Love Life, a rom-com staring Anna Kendrick. It follows her life through different relationships, covering all of the highs and lows while living in NYC and advancing her career. You’ll laugh, cringe, and feel the real, relatable moments.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

Yes! A throwback from the beginning. IMDb has a ton of shows you can watch for free if you’re willing to sit through a few ads. Whatever it takes.

The Flight Attendant

Another HBO Max original follows a flight attendant trying to piece together a night she doesn’t remember while the police are investing her for murder. Did she do it? It’s a thrilling comedy that ends with you wanting a second season.

Ginny and Georgia

I was a little late to this game too, but clearly I love shows about high schoolers, right? This one is not what you’d expect. Basically it’s about a mom and her two kids who move to a new town, but might have a few secrets following them from their past. It has love, crime, scandal and comedy rolled into one. It was a hit and renewed for a second season. Check it out on Netflix.

One Chicago

I remember watching Chicago Fire a few years ago, but after a few seasons, couldn’t keep up with the weekly episodes. I recently found episodes on IMDb and flew through eights seasons to catch up. With so many crossovers between Fire, Med and PD, I’m now on season six following the Intelligence Unit around Chicago, and will brush up on my medical skills once I’m all caught up. Check out Peacock for episodes.

Black Sitcoms

I was a huge Tia and Tamera fan growing up, but now that Netflix has the 90s black sitcoms, I was able to rewatch from the beginning. I’ve also been checking out Girlfriends, Half & Half, The Parkers and One on One. Head to Hulu for All of Us.

The Circle

This show makes absolutely no sense at first, but as you watch, you’ll catch on. Long story short, a handful of contestants live in colorful apartments separately and never see or speak to each other in person. They each create online profiles and can play as themselves or impersonate someone else, entering as a catfish. Every episode, there are new challenges and players can DM as a group or privately to discuss strategy and who they think is real, fake, a backstabber or loyal. Following the challenges, everyone ranks each other and the top ranked people become influencers, who can send someone home. Season 2 is a hot mess in the best way, so head to Netflix to check out a few versions from around the world.

What TV shows and movies have you been watching?

Until next time…

– Jae Marie

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