A View From Above

Ever wonder what NYC looks like from above? I traveled 100 floors up to take in the sights at The Edge at Hudson Yards.

The Edge has become a popular spot for Instagram worthy pics and even proposals. It’s literally the rooftops of all rooftops in Manhattan, overlooking the city’s skyline. It’s open basically all day, so if you’re a morning person, you can take in the early sky, a sunny afternoon, or a colorful sunset like we did. You can opt for a package with an added glass of champagne or just go to take in the sights.

They also offer early morning yoga classes to take in the sunrise at 1,100 feet.

After our trip, we explored Hudson Yards, The Vessel, down by the water and spent a few minutes watching a baseball game at the Backyard.

What are some of your favorite rooftop views in the city? Until next time…

– Jae Marie

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