Jae Marie’s Journey’s: A Weekend Honky Tonk

I’m all about a quick weekend trip to explore a new city. I packed my bag and headed to The Music City – Nashville!

It was a party the entire time I was there. Bars and restaurants lined the Broadway strip, with live bands at all hours. Some were multi-level and even had heated rooftops. Celebrities are in on the fun, with the likes of Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean and Kid Rock all ready for a honky tonk. The food was amazing – with the city’s signature hot chicken sandwiches everywhere, and drinks that were reasonably priced. Can’t decide what you want? Stop by Assembly Food Hall and take your pick.

One of the most famous bars there is Coyote Ugly, and it’s exactly like you’d think. The Coyotes did their signature dance, and I even joined a few others on the bar. Another notable attraction is the WhatLiftsYou mural – the giant wings you have definitely seen. For the sports fans, the Titans play right across the Cumberland River.

Nashville was definitely one of those cities where you a quick weekend getaway with the girls is more than enough. Come ready to party, listen to loud music and let loose. It truly reminded me of chill but still party city like Vegas, minus the glamorous tight dresses, heels, long lines to get into pool parties. Check out this reel on my Instagram to relive the weekend.

Until next time…

– Jae Marie

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