Holiday Help: Gift Hunting

With the holiday season upon us, sometimes we get a little busy and need some help finding the perfect present, especially when it’s a last-minute purchase. Don’t go for the gift card just yet. Here are a few cool things for every type of person in your life.

For the foodie

We all know someone who loves to eat a good breakfast, but cooking might not be their strong suit. Now you can give them the gift of a bacon, egg and cheese maker for their own kitchen. The breakfast sandwich maker includes an egg-cooking layer to crack your huevo straight out the carton into. Add in what ever other veggies or cheeses you want, and there you have it.

For the coffee lover

Coffee on-the-go just took on a whole new meaning with the Bripe. Steer clear of the traditional variety pack of coffee grounds and new mug for your java-loving amigos and give the gift of the coffee brew pipe.

For the fashionista

Do you know someone who loves to take photos of their outfits, makeup and hair, but the photos just sit in their phone? Help them bring them to life with an instant photo printer. Just connect your phone and printed photos are ready, just like that, perfect for scrapbooking, dorm, desk and locker decorating.

For the selfie-taker

A lot goes into the perfect selfie. It starts with a good background, the right angle and of course great lighting. Now, portable selfie lights are helping to transform the selfie industry. Just strap the small attachment on to the top of your phone and the added light will help bring out all of your best features.

For the trendy photographer

Believe it or not, taking pictures of pictures is the hot new thing, and instant cameras are making their way back to the spotlight as a result. Just pop in the film, point and shoot. Once it develops, snap a picture of it with your camera phone and there you have it, a super trendy post for social media.

For the mixologist

Keurig in the morning, BIBO at night. You no longer need to shake things up to get that perfect cocktail. You can choose from six different drink mixes to place in the Barmaid for your at home happy hour. This is one you can both enjoy.

For the parent on-the-go

Parenthood doesn’t mean travelling doesn’t have to stop thanks to the Mountain Buggy Bagrider. Transform your suitcase and free your hands the next time you’re at the airport or train station. Warning! This could potentially result in more unwanted visits from out-of-state family.

For the outdoorsy person

No campfire is complete without s’mores, but we’ve all experienced the struggle of trying to keep the graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows together while over the flame. Now you can roast marshmallows, weenies and anything else you can think of, in a whole new way with a Grubstick.

*DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly for entertainment purposes. I have never tried any of these products, and am not advertising, being sponsored by nor condoning the use of any of these products.

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