Jae Marie’s Journeys: Into the Rainforest

If you’ve been following along my recent adventure, you’ll know I just got back from Costa Rica! The trip would not be complete without a trip to the rainforest of course!

Our day started at 7am in the resort lobby where we boarded a bus for a three hour ride. Where we stayed isn’t quite in the rainforest, but we were able to get a sense of the towns we did ride through. It was mostly open land, lots of grazing cows, windmills, some dogs, and a few people along the way. Our tour guide made stops every so often to show us wildlife in trees and in the sky.

We finally arrived at our stop for the day – Blue River Resort and Hot Springs. Our guide took us around, showed us different plants in the botanical garden, butterflies in the butterfly garden, and really knew all about nature. Probably the coolest was this pink pineapple, which takes years to produce. 

We then went on a short drive to the base of the waterfall hike. It was about 25 minutes up and down the path, but the tour offered the option for those who didn’t want to walk to shuttle there, so yay for accessibility. We spent time at the grand waterfall before heading back for lunch, drinks and free time walking the grounds, taking mud baths and dips in the hot springs. 

If you’re planning any type of excursion on vacation, I do have a few recommendations on things to bring:

  • Bug spray. This is a given
  • Make sure your tour provides towels. Many do, but don’t forget yours if not. 
  • Plastic zip locks. Sandwich bags for your passport if you bring it, phone, and anything else electronic. 
  • A rain jacket. This came in handy for staying dry when it started raining, and to keep me from getting bit up. 
  • Long socks and pants. Again, for bug purposes. 
  • A bathing suit cover up. I used this for pictures and slipped it off when I actually got in. 
  • Wear your bathing suit under your walking outfit. Put it on when you get dressed in the morning to avoid having to change on site. 
  • A complete change of clothes. Undies, a bra, shirt, socks, a throw over dress or shirt. You’ll take your bathing suit off and need dry clothes.
  • A bag for dirty shoes. You’ll get muddy. Keep it as contained as possible.

It seems like a lot, but def worth it to be comfortable. 

Overall, I had a great time, and if you love nature and peace, this was a trip to look into. Be sure to check out by Blue River recap reel here.

Until next time…

 – Jae Marie

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