Jae Marie’s Journeys: Rome If You Want To

The next few days in Rome went a little better. We visited the Spanish Steps,

the Trevi Foutain (which has been and will be under heavy construction… This is not what dreams are made of)

the colosseum,

the pantheon, Piazza Navona, and other random places that caught our eye.

As for my Roman food bucket list, I got the gelato, tortellini, pizza (multiple times) and tiramisu (almost every day). No where seemed to have alfredo, never mind chicken fettuccini alfredo (I guess it isn’t Italian), but I did get risotto, rice with with chicken, my fav. I even had my first (and last) canoli.

Our B and B was the cutest place with the best cookies. We arrived late, but the owner, Laura, stayed late for us.
On Palm Sunday we woke up before he sun came up and headed for the Vatican. After finding out that if you miss your stop, you must exit and repay, we finally found the right stop, and ended up getting into mass at St. Peter’s Basillica.

We realized that we weren’t where the museum was, which was where we were going, so we headed out and toward a 3 block line to get in. There we met two other girls from the states who currently teach in Spain. Our conversations with them helped the wait in line fly by.

After, we headed to the land of the gods, Athens, Greece.
Stay tuned!!!

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