Jae Marie’s Journeys: New York to Old York

Chocolate factory shenanigans

After a late night coupled with an early morning wake up call, the hour and a half long trip to the city of York was just long enough to refresh us. We rode past the angel of the north, a well known landmark around here, as well as through a tiny stereotypical English town. The rest of the trip was cornfield and open road, still fascinating me with the whole driving on the other side of the road thing.

When we arrived, it starting raining of course, but we quickly entered the York Minster, a historical chapel in the city. We had about an hour to walk around before we headed to the chocolate factory. Here, we learned the history of chocolate and its makers, and got to sample some chips, some aztec chocolate (which tasted like dirty water) and made our own chocolate (which I downed in about 30 seconds).

Yep, thats little ol’ me

After that, we were free to roam. Joyce and I ventured around the city looking for a place where she could get fish and chips. After visiting about 12 places, we finally found a place where we could both eat at. She got her fish and chips, and I got a chicken burger with fries (can’t go wrong with chicken and potatoes). We then visited a few ruins and took some pics, although I’m not too sure what they were ruins of, but they looked cool.

Random York Ruins

After about an hour, it was time to head back to the bus, and head back to our flats, where we crashed after a long day.

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