Bundled Beauty in the City

Attention NYC! Fall is officially here. Not the fake fall where it’s still 80 degrees by noon, but the windy, crisp air, apple cider kind of fall. It’s time to grab your scarves and jackets and bust out your boots and flannels. 


I might have grown up here but living in Florida for the past few years has truly thinned my blood. These last few days have dipped to the 50s and even 40s at some points. To say I’m not ready is an understatement, BUT I am ready to share some of my favorite fall looks and ideas for the season. 


If you’re like me, your closet is full of black. Black tops, black jeans, black shoes, black jackets… you name it. Fall might not be thought of as being as bright as summer, but it doesn’t have to be so dark either. Think about your browns, reds and everything in between. Corduroy is everywhere, and comes in every color you could ever want. Take a solid button up skirt, a bold printed turtle neck and pair it with your go-to booties. If you’re not ready to make such a statement, remember you can always go all solid like below. Throw on a denim jacket and a scarf if it’s a little chilly to get you to your destination. 


Long sleeve dresses will keep a chilly night out from ending early. Warm up your look with a solid and neutral colored but textured pair of tights if needed. 

Knee high boots aren’t just for looks. Take advantage of the extra tall material and cover up. Pair it with a long blazer or kimono to give you some extra layers. 

No matter how you dress it up, remember beauty is subjective. Every trend started out somewhere with a simple concept. Follow your own rules and be a trendsetter, especially in a city as free as New York. So be you. Be confident. Stay warm. 


Until next time.




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