Jae Marie’s Journeys: A Weekend Winter Wonderland

Winter in New York is cool, but I figured winter in Denver would be cool too. Literally. I packed my gloves, thermals and snow boots and headed to the Mile High City.

We got in pretty late on Friday night, but with the time change, we were up bright and early to explore on Saturday. First stop? Breakfast, at the famous Sam’s No. 3 Downtown. It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, so the place was packed – although I’m sure it’s always packed since there wasn’t much open in the area. It gave us time to walk around and explore the very quiet Downtown Denver. 


Back at the diner, we took a look at the menu, which had everything you could ever imagine on it. We settled for some boozy coffee, pancakes, home fries and eggs before getting a free slice of birthday apple pie and ice cream. 


After realizing we don’t actually snowboard, ski or do other adventurous snow activities, we decided to take a quick walk down the street to Pepsi Arena, where the Colorado Avalanche were taking on the St. Louis Blues in an afternoon NHL matchup. We left a little early to head out to find some mountains to get our nature adventure in, and ended up at Lookout Mountain for some last minute views before the sunset.


Back downtown, we stopped at a pop up ice skating rink for three quick laps before handing the skates back in and heading to dinner for drinks. We took a quick walk down the 16th Street Mall to check out the nightlife to end the quick weekend getaway. 


Overall, I can say Denver was a place to experience, but if you’re not into the snow and the cold, you should make sure to book your ticket elsewhere. 

Until next time…

Jae Marie

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